Website Building

Building a website is one of the smartest investments in today’s world, leading to numerous digital market opportunities. It’s not surprising that many companies are switching to online businesses, while content creators have also found many options. However, it’s also true that the digital market has become quite crowded. Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the competition. But more importantly, ranking high on search engine result pages (SERPs), something that’s essential to strive in the digital market, has also become a problem.

The fierce competition coupled with rapidly changing search engine algorithms makes it seem incredibly hard to rank first. However, what’s good is that with a few tips and tricks, it’s possible to stand out from the crowd and rank desirably high. So, to help you achieve higher rankings on SERPs and make your website flourish, here are some essential tips to follow.  

Check Your Website’s Health

When it comes to ranking high, maintaining your website’s health is crucial. Website health is a measure of how well you’ve built your website. A decrease in errors like broken links will lead to a more well-built webpage that will rank higher. Search engine algorithms like to provide users with the best websites that perform well to get a high-quality experience. Alongside broken links, there are also many other factors that you will need to keep an eye on to maintain your website’s health at an optimal level.

One of the most important ones is your website’s speed. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have blazing fast speeds for your website and keep your audience happy. But, keyword placement, backlinks, server reliability, long URLs also affect the overall result of an SEO website audit.

However, it’s hard to deny that it’s pretty difficult to monitor and analyze these numerous factors that determine a website’s health. It’s easy to leave many vital factors unnoticed as they are hard to identify. However, it’s also important to correct errors and mistakes to keep the health at an optimum. For this purpose, you can opt a more innovative approach and get specialized tools because you now know the essentiality and offerings of a website audit. It tends to provide you with detailed reports and intuitive charts, coupled with instructions, to help you correct mistakes and improve website health.

Monitor Website Performance

Everyone makes changes to their websites; however, a few remember to monitor its performance to know how the change has affected their websites. As a result, their rankings on SERPs rapidly decline. So, alongside website health metrics, analyzing statistics that provide you with information about your website’s performance is essential for getting high ranks on SERPs. Otherwise, you might drive your website to failure without realizing it, as you will be making changes to your website blindly.

For example, if you place some new keywords or post new content, you should observe how metrics like web traffic and bounce rates are improving or not. However, organic traffic, conversions, and bounce rates are some of the most critical metrics. You need to pay special attention to them. Tracking and analyzing these metrics can also be done with specialized tools which are readily available.

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Implement SEO

As the name suggests, search engine optimization’s primary goal is to optimize websites according to pre-set standards. So, when it comes to ranks on SERPs, implementing SEO on your website is a must. 70% of marketers agree that SEO is more effective than other strategies.

There are many different SEO strategies to implement on your website. However, one of the most important ones is keyword placement. To surf through the web, people search for specific keywords. If you’re able to research enough and find those keywords to place in your website’s content, your rank on SERPs will rapidly increase. However, make sure to keep the keywords relevant to your site’s content.

You can further maximize the potential of keywords by placing more of them in lengthy written content, usually around 2000 words. Another point to remember is to keep the keywords as short as possible, as people tend to search for shorter ones. However, you might also want to implement some other SEO strategies such as anchor text, meta description, and image optimization.

Publish Engaging Content

Without making your website attractive, you won’t be able to get to the first page of SERPs. Publishing engaging content consistently can help grab many people’s attention and even other websites that will provide you with backlinks. However, creating such content always is quite challenging for many people.

But by using a few techniques and working smart instead of hard, you can easily take on this task. When it comes to creating engaging content, you’ll need to conduct thorough research on popular topics. You can also make use of competitive analysis for this purpose. However, make sure not to copy the content of your opponents. Furthermore, repurposing your existing content can help you to be consistent and create content quickly.

Link Building

The importance of backlinks for ranking high on SERPs is undeniable. It’s not surprising that top results on Google’s SERPs have 3.8 times more backlinks than low-ranking websites. Creating engaging content will indeed help you grab the attention of other websites. However, people need to see your content first to be able to develop an interest in it.

Considering the countless number of content published every day, you can’t simply wait for other websites to find your content easily. So, you’ll need to reach out to other websites yourself to get high-quality backlinks. One of the easiest methods is known as a broken link building. In this method, you’ll need to find websites with broken links, for example, links that give the error 404. Once you’ve found such websites, you can contact them via email and suggest your backlink as a replacement for the broken link.

A different approach to link building is by guest posting. Often many blogs have an option for guest posting, which means you can write for them. You can then place a link to your website in that post and publish it on their website. However, make sure not to put any keywords or anchor texts in the guest post. Additionally, you should also back your content by research, increasing its credibility. Doing so will also help to get backlinks.


If you want to make a place for yourself on the internet and gain people’s interests, it’s essential to rank higher on SERPs. It may seem to be quite a difficult task. However, ultimately, you will benefit greatly from gaining the top position on SERPs. What’s best is that you can use the tips and tricks mentioned above to make this task easier for yourself.