Marketing Techniques

As you might know from bitter experience, marketing techniques can be a little hit or miss. Some do absolute wonders for your business, and some that have worked well for others, fall flat for you. This can be a difficult scenario to be in, so you might feel you need to spread your net a little wider to find what you need, whether that involves going old school or something newer and cutting edge. 

#1 Mass Marketing Techniques 

Mass SMS marketing is a great way to generate hype for your business. People tend to respond more to SMS, rather than email, so it is an effective way to make sure that you are getting out information to your customers easily, and it can also be a good way to fundraise and distribute surveys to your target market. 

This can be easily achieved by using software, such as Tatango. You will find that sending out mass texts is a quick and secure way of marketing your products or services directly to your already established customers, meaning that they are more likely to buy or partake in whatever you are contacting them about. 

#2 Mailshot

This might seem a little old-school but is a good way to make sure that you are getting out larger amounts of information to your already existing customers. Like SMS marketing, mailshots have a much better open rate than emails, so are an effective communication method. Unlike SMS messaging, though, a mailshot gives you a chance to say much more, so you will need to consider what you say carefully or hire a copywriter. Another major difference is that you can’t include a link in a mailshot, so while these can be effective, they are not as immediate as digital methods.

#3 Social Media 

Social media is a great place to have your marketing campaign flourish. You have constant access to potential customers, which can help your business bring in a larger amount of revenue. You want to use social media to your full advantage, and you can do this by making sure that you have got a great social media presence. 

Following trends, posting regularly and consistently, as well as generating likes, and prompting your followers to comment on posts and interact, are more likely to help your posts work up a head of steam on the algorithm. However, it can be a difficult thing to navigate, so you need to keep an eye on your stats, to make sure that what you are doing is working well for you. 

#4 Social Media Influencer Marketing

If you feel that your social media output isn’t generating your business enough hype on its own, you might want to consider getting some help. Social media influencer marketing might be just what you need to make sure that your true target audience is seeing your products. 

It can help both sides of the deal, and it can be a good opportunity to see what someone else marketing your company and products can do for you. You might find that it is incredibly effective and that it helps your company a lot by bringing in a large amount of new, curious customers, as well as a good way for you to show off new products. 

#5 Custom Swag

Custom swag is another good marketing technique. You might find that it is a little bit expensive to begin with, as you might not see such a rapid return on your initial investment. Yet, in time, you might find that it gives your business the kind of edge over your competitors that makes your clients buy from you again. 

Giving them free items can help them not only feel special but will also help them market your business for you. Having them use your branded items can help them to show off your business to other people and might even be conversation starters about your company. This might not be a good idea for every business, though, so doing a trial run is probably a better idea than buying a container load of caps before testing the waters. 

To Wrap Everything Up

There are a lot of ways that you can use marketing to build hype around your small business. You might find that it is a struggle to generate pull in the current business climate, so using mass marketing techniques, mailshots, social media, and social media influencer marketing can get you great results. When you add custom swag into the equation, you might also turn one-off buyers into repeat customers, which are the best type to have. Not only that, but by using these methods effectively, and building a relationship with them, you might find that you are bringing in customers who are more likely to be loyal to your company, and tell others about what you do too.