increase reach on instagram

The competition in IG is growing. Bloggers, brands, retailers, and talented people do their best to become popular. With ever-growing competition, it is not enough to attract subscribers. It is important to monitor such an indicator as audience reach and use all sorts of tricks to increase it. There are a lot of them. TOP bloggers successfully apply them in practice and hold leading positions on the site. Today we’ll talk about how to increase your Instagram reach and keep it high.

What is covered and how should it be? 

Bloggers and business accounts often talk about this important metric. It characterizes the number of fans who saw the post. By analyzing the data, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion and understand how many people saw the post. Unique views without duplicates from the same profile are counted.

Some people confuse this metric with views. These are completely different concepts. Impressions are counted every time the user has viewed the content, even if he has scrolled through the publication more than once. 

For example, the same person has viewed the post 10 times. In this case, the number on the view counter will grow by 10 units, and his “colleague” will show only +1.

The optimal value is considered to be in the range of 25% to 65% of the total number of subscribers per page. 

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Why might coverage drop?

There can be a lot of reasons for the fall. The most common ones are:

  • Low-quality content. One of the main root causes of a decrease in the indicator on the counter is messages that do not interest users. To avoid falling, it is necessary to offer followers unique, relevant information and constantly monitor the public’s reaction. It can take a long time before you find a topic that catches your audience.
  • Low-quality followers. If the page is mostly subscribed to by bots or people who are not interested in your publications, you should not expect success.
  • Inability to work with followers. It is not enough to attract subscribers to the page. You need to interact with the audience to get feedback.
  • Natural decline before the innovations of the social network. Most often, indicators fall before technical work on the site, which is aimed at improving the platform’s performance.

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Ways to increase your Instagram reach

Success in IG is influenced by factors such as comments, likes, reposts, bookmarking, and profile transitions. By changing these indicators, you can achieve rapid growth. How to do it? Use the following techniques. 

Posting quality content 

The main secret of success. Everyone knows him, but only a few practice it. To make your posts popular with users, follow these simple tips:

  • publish only high-quality unique photos;
  • choose a uniform design style and stick to it;
  • correct pictures using photo editors or filters;
  • Whenever possible, post photos with helpful text.

Make a content plan 

Flawless content will not bring the expected results if you post from time to time. Users do not like silent people and expect regular posting. The recommendation block includes those who receive the most likes and comments. IG algorithms automatically raise the profile and post higher in the news feed. As a result, the counter grows as quickly as possible. Just take a piece of paper and write down the days and topics of new messages for a couple of weeks ahead. Try to stay on schedule and post at least 1 new entry per day. In pursuit of quantity, do not forget about quality: better 1 good than 2 bad. 

Increase the number of likes

Do you want to flicker in the news feed with enviable regularity and collect all the “cream”? Do your best to earn as many likes as possible. What is needed for this? Post trending posts on a variety of topics. Take selfies more often (they collect more hearts). Experiment with photos with before-and-after comparisons. Also, check the statistics regularly. It is important to evaluate which topics and messages are best suited to the public and collect hundreds of likes, to further focus on them and increase coverage without any problems.

Encourage writing comments

Comments directly affect the ranking in the Instagram feed. The priority is to collect as many responses as possible in the first hours after the content is uploaded. To do this, encourage followers to write comments and actively communicate with subscribers. Remember that the algorithm only considers reviews that are at least 4-5 words long. Comments in 1-2 words (according to the new ranking rules) are no longer counted.

More Stories

The lion’s share of Instagrammers underestimates stories. At the same time, 24-hour recordings have tremendous potential. They increase engagement and allow you to customize your reach. If you have not been a story star before, you need to become one. To improve statistics, answer questions in stories, conduct polls, make announcements of publications. The more activity and creativity, the higher the interest from the fans, and the more likely to be on the first lines of the podium.

Don’t forget about hashtags

As soon as a post gets to the TOP for any tag, it immediately collects hundreds of likes, comments, and views. How can this be achieved? Feel free to introduce simple techniques:

  • Use the most popular hashtags.
  • Add all 30 available tags under each post.
  • Use not only popular but also thematic hashtags, for which you can also get enough responses. 

Reaction in Direct

The smart Instagram feed takes into account any reactions of the audience, who writes to whom, and how much. To quickly rise to the TOP, provoke followers to communicate in Direct. To do this, conduct polls more often and ask for public opinion. 

Have you noticed that TOP bloggers constantly ask simple questions that are easy to find answers to in Google? This is not done by accident, but to improve the base numbers on the counter. Look up to the best and use the trick. 

Post at the optimal time

To increase engagement, it is important to determine when your audience is most active. Posting at the right hours will ensure your feed content is promoted and improved without ads. 

A few ideas on how to increase your Instagram reach 

There are tons of methods to gain popularity. To advance in IG, you need to constantly come up with something new, boldly experiment and surprise your followers. Experts recommend using popular techniques.

Posts like “Before and after” 

Photos “before and after” or “was and was” collect an avalanche of likes and comments, cause a violent reaction from people. It is foolish to miss such an opportunity to independently promote your account. To achieve greater effect, ask your followers to write a comment on which option you like. For example, layout a photo collage with and without makeup to show people how make-up can transform a person in just an hour.

Intriguing plans

Start telling subscribers about your big plans, but don’t open “all cards” at once. Stop at the most interesting place and promise to share new ideas very shortly if this post, for example, collects 1000 likes or 100 comments. This is an old “old-fashioned” technique that works effectively in our time. 

Post facts about yourself

You did a good job of promoting your account and the number of subscribers has grown significantly. In this case, you need to re-acquaint yourself with the new audience. Tell us about yourself, your work, interests. No matter how trite it sounds, the reader wants to know those who write. Write high-quality, but not autobiographical, text that maximizes opportunities and builds trust on the part of users.

Conduct polls

Tired of the silence in your account? Are you planning to increase your page activity? Conduct surveys often. They will help not only improve statistics but also get to know your followers (their tastes, preferences, interests) better.

Broadcast live

An equally effective way of promotion is live broadcasts. Pages on which online broadcasts regularly take place are in the TOP more often than profiles whose owners do not use this promotion tool. It is the live broadcasts that “warm-up” the interest of the public and stimulate them to be more active. Your task is to think over the topics of broadcasts in advance and share relevant information with the viewer.

Follow the “news” on Instagram 

IG is constantly adding new features. Be the first to test and implement them. Users love novelties and willingly “bite” on know-how. As soon as you find out about a new chip, feel free to apply. In this case, the chances of successful promotion will increase significantly.

Analyze statistics

Statistics will tell you which positions have sagged the most and where you need to “put the squeeze” on. Remember to connect your business account to view information. Only in this case, basic statistical data will be available for viewing and analysis.

Conduct draws

An old proven method that still works today. Experts recommend organizing sweepstakes with nice gifts at least once a week. Remember that audience engagement directly depends on the value of the prize. Don’t be stingy!

You can come up with the conditions of the drawing yourself. They depend on your imagination. Alternatively, like the last 5 posts. To summarize the results, use special services for determining the winners at random. 

Block inactive users

The value of the indicator depends on the number of followers who saw the post. With a decrease in the number of “dead souls” in the profile, the indicator will grow. To do this, periodically spend a cleaning day in your account. Remove followers with more than 1000 followers. Such people will not see your page, but at the same time, they will constantly spoil the statistics with their passive position and lack of response to your publications.

There are enough ways to promote your profile on Instagram for free. Imagine, experiment, communicate with the audience, and put into practice all kinds of life hacks.

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