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In the highly-digital world nowadays, speed is the most important thing wherein the needed information is available to employees to accomplish a task. Regardless of the size of your business and what industry vertical you are in, an Intranet is very important for information consolidation and boosting communication across an organization. 

Today, amidst the lockdowns and quarantines, more and more people are working from home and offsite. Thus, an intranet that’s well-built is necessary to make sure that everyone is aware of what’s going on. What is an Intranet, and in particular, what is the SharePoint Intranet?

The SharePoint platform has been around for nearly a couple of decades already. Today, the app has obviously changed significantly. A SharePoint Intranet built in 2019 logically, will have big functional advantages over a portal from the early 2000s. 

Considering the evolution of the platform, various releases of new versions, and the arrival of the collaboration suite of Microsoft, to define a SharePoint-based intranet could be confusing. A SharePoint intranet is an on-premises solution built on top of any SharePoint Server version. Top SharePoint development companies in the UK deploy it with their own infrastructure and take complete responsibility for their customization, management, as well as support. Learn more about SharePoint Migration and how to migrate file server to SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Intranet, the Best Bet for Your Organization

1. The Most Popular Intranet Choice in the World

When it comes to intranets, SharePoint is the most popular base technology in the world. Repeatedly, this is mirrored in different digital workplace as well as intranet surveys. This provides some confidence that business organizations are using the Microsoft platform successfully to deliver good intranets. 

2. Office 365 and other Microsoft Tools Integration

A major SharePoint draw is the ability of integrating with the other tools of Microsoft increasingly, without help from developers. Integrating lists of Teams spaces and OneDrive documents is simple and there are exciting opportunities as well to weave process enhancement, and reporting into the business intranet as well. Having a close relationship between 365 suites of tools and intranet enables you to build a wonderful digital workplace experience, while using your intranet to establish a kind of governance and drive adoption.

3. Scalable, customizable, and flexible

One of the most powerful SharePoint capabilities is its scalability and flexibility. It’s used for intranets both by businesses with a staff of 100 and a staff of hundreds of thousands and supports an array of capabilities, which include content services, collaboration, internal communication, search and findability and so on. The scalability and flexibility come into their own as companies restructure and as strategic priorities have changed over time. 

The platform is customizable, thus it’s perfectly possible to build an intranet or an entire digital workplace even that’s truly wrapped around how you work. A lot of IT functions want to avoid customization if they could, yet it still remains an option for some instances. 

4. SharePoint has support for most Content Publishing Requirements

Intranets, fundamentally area bout content, and you could fully use the SharePoint for sophisticated content management and publishing to meet most of your requirements around internal communications in which content should be managed carefully. While communication websites have helped bring more SharePoint publishing capabilities, more sophisticated content publishing features actually, like news templates, approval workflows, automated content reviews, editorial calendars, and more tend to be included in an in-a-box product. 

5. So Many Terrific Options

One of the big advantages of SharePoint is that it opens a great variety of intranet options. While intranet now could be delivered out of the box, there now is a very mature market for intranet-in-a-box SharePoint products, which work side by side with the platform for additional page layouts, site templates, web parts that are readily built, and more capabilities. 

With all that, you could deliver exceptional intranets in weeks. The turnkey intranet products are of great value, extremely effective, and completely leverage the power of the platform to meet the modern intranet demand of complex organizations.  

6. Document Management and Sharing

Most information distribution, knowledge assets, collaboration, and project output decisively remain document-centered. Although that perhaps is not ideal all the time, it’s a fact. The relatively robust document library capabilities of SharePoint thus have always been a valuable part, enabling sharing of document and distribution, collaboration, knowledge management and so on. 

The seamless SharePoint libraries integration into the intranet has been a robust capability that’s not always acknowledged. 

7. Support for Content and Personalization Targeting

Most contemporary intranets include personalization capabilities, thus, content could be targeted to various groups, like all employees at a single location, or in one function or division, or according to their seniority. Meaning that content that’s themed differently could seamlessly appear together, targeted for every single employee. 

Some intranets furthermore let users subscribe to various topics of interest. SharePoint, and SharePoint Online intranets could extremely support content targeting and personalization, leveraging easy Active Directory profiles integration to deliver genuinely relevant intranets. This is another reason why the platform is an excellent intranet base technology. 

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8. Collaboration Integration into the Intranet

SharePoint, by tradition always has been a robust collaboration platform, mainly via team websites. Although Microsoft Teams probably now has taken over the crown as the flagship collaboration tool, still a SharePoint Intranet could bring collaboration at the center of the daily workflow and the intranet experience. 

There are still team websites available, but easy Microsoft Teams and Yammer integration means that collaboration will continue to be part of the SharePoint intranet. 

9. Contemporary Experience

Top SharePoint development companies in UK could deliver clients with a SharePoint solution with modern experiences and attractive designs, better performance, significantly easier publishing interfaces, a few extremely useful site templates and an entire host of other enhancements.  

10. Continuous SharePoint Investment by Microsoft

Microsoft, over the past couple of years has been very active in SharePoint investment with the development of contemporary or modern experiences and further out-of-the-box intranet capabilities, which support intelligent intranets development. 

This is set to continue and the SharePoint roadmap already is looking pretty full, with the new announcements and the current work-in-progress and all. You can be sure that investing in SharePoint means an intranet that could improve and evolve with extra capabilities and features.


There are many reasons why you should use SharePoint for your new business Intranet. While there may be a lot of intranet providers out there, they could however possibly cause you more money and time than you want to spend. SharePoint Intranet is without doubt the best solution for your business processes.