infographic submission sires

Infographics is a much-cherished way of communication these days. Top influencers and businesses are using them to convey a short and easy message. Everyone loves good visuals. They are not excited to reach too many texts. Instagram advertisements are full of such infographics because the message is short and sweet. But you might probably know all this. That is how you have learned to engage your audience better. To make your task easier, we are here with a list of top infographic submission sites that are highly recommended for use.


All businesses today are using some of the other services of SlideShare. It is a very interactive platform where people find presentations, Infographics, pdfs, etc. It is a very professional site for all your needs. Hence, showcasing your infographics here funnels a very good audience that can be loyal clients of the future. It is free to share your material here.

When you add backlinks to your infographics, the website traffic also increases. The more professionals read you or land on your page, the more chances are there for long term contracts. That is why SlideShare is one of the best infographic submission sites.


Flickr is trending amongst creators. People from all sorts of backgrounds are continuously surfing Flickr. They have a very aggressive marketing strategy for customer retention as they know the competition is tough now. They help uploaders and customers by providing an interactive interface and a robust search engine. 

Submitting your designs on Flickr can be one of the best bets for your digital marketing. This is a very SEO optimized platform so one must use keywords in a better manner as of what niche you want to cater.


Long since Reddit was launched in 2005, a particular section of web-traffic is loyal to them by now. Quality of content on Reddit for use is rated good worldwide, making it a preferred choice for Infographics. They offer free uploads as well.

The number of up-votes you reach here, the more people you cater. More you upload your content more customers get aware of you and may even ignore the up-vote count but one must keep chiseling their art.

Infographic showcase

This site is loaded with the infographics on the latest topics. Your content is not only showcased on behalf of quality or popularity but also how fresh your material is. This site is easy to use and has good traffic. Some submitters have complained about the ranking systems yet the company is reluctant to use old graphics however popular they may be.

You have a special section for designing your own infographic as well. You can submit the same with backlinks to your own homepage. Data Visualization is the core business of this website and they, not only market to their clients but also lure design submitters.

Your business might be a brick and mortar one and you want to get away with the hassle of designing infographics. is the right platform for you as you are directly connected to freelance designers in real-time. You have templates available as well which makes it easier for a layman too.

This is a free submission website and if you are the freelancer, direct interaction with the customers can help you pitch more of your products or at least they can visit your website for sure once they interact with you.

Cool Infograhics

This website has its own creative team as well while giving chance to freelancers for uploading infographics. Journalism brands all over the world are their major clients. Such a clientele is always in research for artists who can help them sell news better. Diverting this traffic to your website via infographics can be a game-changer for your business.

Another crowd is also seeking their help on day to day basis and they are also making their features better once in a while as per the customer trends on their search engine. It is one of the most reliable free graphic submission sites.


If you consider your services to be premium and chargeable just stop by this website once. They deserve the charges they ask for their graphics or as is what the artists say. They have brought together some of the most appealing genres of content and may charge you for posting the content also.

One must be aware that it is easy to submit but difficult to pass their scrutinized way of display. One possibility is always there for graphic designers to collaborate with the website for free display. That is why it has made the most popular infographic submission sites.

Infographics are in a very increasing trend in the information exchange sector today. They are one of the best products of our age and cannot be ignored as one of the best methods of digital marketing potential.