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What is a Product Review?

If you have been ignoring product reviews, then your marketing efforts are bound to be extremely half-hearted. If you take a step back and regard the climate of competition that has entered digital marketing trends and technologies, you will understand that creating the right narrative is the key to winning over your customers. And this is something that is constantly reaffirmed by the best product review sites, over and over again. 

Before we delve deeper into the realm of Internet Marketing product reviews to give you a comprehensive list of the top 100 best product review sites, let us understand why product reviews are so important for your brand story and the narrative that it creates online. We can easily sum this up with one very crucial word – visibility. 

When you enter the online sphere for your business, you are doing so for two reasons – either to create brand awareness or to get into E-commerce. With an online presence, you can create the right story around your brand so that customers come flocking to you and find your products and services at the stores or corporate towers where you offer the same. Or, you can directly make a sale online by joining the E-Commerce bandwagon.

Either way, you would need to make sure that your existing customers talk about your product otherwise your brand story will be an incomplete one – and this incomplete gap can easily get filled by your competition.

In the current climate of competitive digital marketing, visibility is a matter of turning in content that one simply cannot turn away from!

This trend has sparked the birth of influencer and content marketing with a number of formats including product reviews and various other pieces that basically shed light on services and products in an organic way within the stories of bloggers, influencers, and other such platforms that are content-based.

 Product review sites are one of the best platforms on which you can actually go ahead and create a number of tutorials, articles, and listicles that can work in your product with a review based story.

With that, let us understand the importance of product reviews on the best product review sites:

1. Amplifies Your Message

When your brand is being talked about by other people apart from you – the business owner – then you are bound to grab eyeballs and make the necessary dent as far as the attention of your prospect or customer goes. This would amplify your message since a well-written product review can be shared many times over since it would also be informative and it can help in spreading awareness of the niche in general. Take the example of a certain new technology. If a product review talks about how it works and how well your brand has managed to make it work, the people in that niche would want to know more about it and hence the sharing of this information would begin. 

2. Incentives

When you offer an incentive so that you get a product review on the best product review sites, you would also be building your brand image in a good way. This would be a good talking point for the viewing party since they will be able to show how accessible your products are. You can also offer a similar or related accessory for the product so that the reviewer is bound to give you a great review. An accessory always makes the product look good and much easier to use, which would definitely amplify the benefits. 

3. A Simple Process

The process of logging on to the best product review sites and leaving a review should be a very easy one. When you prompt someone to leave a review for you on one of these product review sites, you would do well to check which ones offer a simple process so that the reviewer or the customer should not abandon the process midway due to far too many steps. Since no one has the time in this day and age, it would also show the reviewer that you truly care and they would be prone to leave you a good review. 

4. Rewards Programs

You can easily lure your customers into becoming repeat customers and leave them some fantastic reviews by offering a rewards program that will help them know about new offers and discounts before the same would hit the market. You should be careful to pick and choosing someone from that niche who would need products like yours on a regular basis.

This would not only build brand loyalty but would also ensure that when you have a new item or a product, the customer would be more than willing to upgrade. Also, cross-selling would become easier since, by this time, you would be even more aware of the various things that your customer would need. This data would also help you in upselling, reselling, and cross-selling to other people connected with the customer.

When you run a rewards program, you will also give the customer an incentive to buy the same thing for a lesser price. This would also bring on reviews for the new products and help spread the word about the same. 

All in all, you can see that having a presence on the best product review sites can easily lead to greater revenues and authoritative standing in the market. This would also help you reach out to more and more people since the reviewing party would also share the reviews on a constant basis! 

If you are having trouble finding such product review websites, then this list should be printed out and tacked to your notice board!

Presenting the top 100 product review sites with reviews of the best 21

1. G2


you can be sure to bump into some stellar brands that would have detailed product descriptions from a network of over 800,000 users.

2. Capterra


Selecting the right software becomes easier since you get reviews that help you choose based on one’s specific needs.

3. Get App

Get App

You can easily compare, choose, and make integrated blocks that will help users find the perfect app for the business.

4. FinancesOnline


FinancesOnline with one can discover apps that will help you generate reviews and views of products with 2.5 users on its database!

5. CrozDesk


CrozDesk helps you find the right software for your business with its featured and popular categories to streamline the process for you.

6. Product Hunt

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is here to show you how to find products, deals, and numerous other things with reviews that really matter!

7. Software Advice

Software Advice

Software Advice with real research and authentic user product reviews, you can never go wrong with Software advice.

8. Trust Radius

Trust Radius

Trust Radius you get to go through 200,000 reviews with 100% verified customers which literally puts your product on the map.

9. Truely



The power of AI will help you find the right software for you. One of the best software comparison sites out there.

10. Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business helps you get reviewed even as it posts articles and blog posts that direct users to its website seamlessly.

11. Marketing Automation Insider

Marketing Automation Insider

Marketing Automation Insider you can get your product or service out there with reviews by a community working to automate your marketing needs.

12. CMS Critic

CMS Critic

CMS Critic with a content-based approach, it helps you get featured in stories that will put your product at the forefront.

13. Featured Customers


Featured Customers is the one-stop-shop that will help you earn reviews in stories of a network of users.

14. Trust Pilot


 Trust Pilot with real-time experiences, the focus of the reviews to create a legitimate brand standing for you.

15. SaaS List

SaaS List

Get CRM you will enjoy standing amongst some of the best businesses in your niche so that your audience also sees your reviews in such a repertoire!

16. Predictive Analytics Today


Predictive Analytics Today you will find product reviews, buying guides, and some amazing content to boot!

17. Top 5 Best CRM

Top5 CRM

Top 5 Best CRM you will find the right CRM platform for your business needs, which will catapult you into the attention span of your ideal audience.

18. Saas Worthy


Saas Worthy you will get featured alongside some of the top software and products out there so that your audience can notice you and approach you!

19. Small Biz CRM 


Small Biz CRM is here to help you stand tall amid your competition. Their main focus remains on small businesses and helping them stand out.

20. Pick Saas


Pick Saas with you to get the advantage of consulting so that you can choose the best CRM platform.

21. The SMB Guide

The SMB Guide

This is a major player in the SMB space. You can actually make a dent and reach out to your audience in an effective manner.

 All these consulting and product reviewing websites are in the top 21 from our list of 100! With product review websites, you would do well to check the number of users and ask about verified users so that you do not end up with dummy reviews given from fake profiles.

Do a little Google search on the website that you are planning to go with, and ideally one should trust a website that also routinely presents content that keeps people on their platform. This will help in amplifying your reach even as the reviews trickle in to make a difference and create a brand identity for your small business.

 Here Are The Remaining 80 Best Product Review Sites

These are the top 100 product review websites out there for you to try. Always remember to choose the product review website depending on the exact niche in which your product or brand may be operating.

Apart from product reviews, you would also do well to check out product review websites that would feature plenty of content that sets a tone for the trends and encapsulates the evolution of your industry.

 Product reviews are the best way to grab the attention of your ideal audience and make sure that they understand your USP so that they can come to you. An ideal product review website would also help you highlight your solutions for your niche market in the content that they produce on their website as well. This would help you in creating a brand standing for your product or service.

 The above 100 tech product review websites can help you get the most authentic reviews for your technology, and business products so that your audience can read about you and more than anything else, gain awareness of your niche so that they are able to trust your brand.

Product reviews also help in catapulting you into mass consciousness so that you can make an impression in the minds of your readers and audience. The above 100 best product review websites will show you a number of niche websites that will help you tap into your perfect audience base without merely buying reviews from fake accounts.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions 

Let us Look at the some of FAQs for product review sites:


Just think about it for a minute. If you do not have proper product reviews on the best product review sites, then your competition will swoop in and let the customer know that there is something better waiting for him or her and the competing brand may even bring in product reviews online review sites to back these claims. The best customer review sites are around for a very strong reason.

You cannot merely post the reviews on your own portal or on your Amazon product page. You would also have to get product and customer reviews on a number of other portals and platforms so that the customer may be redirected to your online shopping or listing page in a legitimate and organic manner. 


This is due to the fact that direct selling does not have a purchase frequency when it comes to several products. Indirect selling with the help of online review sites as well as influencer marketing will always do the trick when it comes to showing rather than telling the new prospect about the efficacy and brilliance of your unique product or service. And what better way to showcase your product than with the review of someone who is not on your payroll or on your website?


Now that you have understood the importance of weaving product reviews into the narrative and story of your brand online, let us understand what product reviews actually are. The best product review sites showcase your product and bring on reviews that customers can leave behind based on their experience from the actual purchase to the delivery and the use of the product along with after-sales services as well. These words can be backed by links, images, and various other things that can show your product in detail and explain all the various qualities as well as the features for a prospective buyer’s purchase intent to be shaped. 


The point is to shape the buyer’s intent here. And the point is also to hold on to the attention of the buyer for a long enough period of time so that the intent may be skillfully shaped with the efforts of the review and the influencer marketing expert as well. Apart from consumer product review sites, you can also approach influencer marketing experts in your niche or industry so as to show what your product is all about and what its practical usage looks like.

This is helpful for a number of industries from fashion to software and so much more. Many of the product review sites also feature profiles of influencer marketing experts for that niche so that you can turn to them for publicizing and promoting your product in an organic way so that it does not look like direct marketing by any means. 


A product review on any of the best product review sites can always have a call for action that leads a person to an E-Commerce portal where the actual purchase may be made. But what happens when a purchase is not on the horizon just yet? Even then a product review would be very helpful since it can give a call for action that registers the data and starts an email marketing campaign to familiarize the end user with the benefits of using that product in the long run. This can be done so that you keep the channels of engagement open and as and when the customer would need to buy that product, you would be uppermost in his or her mind thanks to the engaging emails that you have been sharing. 


This is one of the key ways in which product reviews can tie in all your efforts across many different platforms. Further, these reviews can also be shared on social media platforms and pages so that you can show your prospects what the customers are getting out of your product or service. It is also a good way of highlighting your USP or unique selling point.