Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform according to the Search Engine Journal research with 1.21% of mobile websites. With its excellent features and flexibility, Magento is trusted by both beginners and well-established businesses. It is considered an exceptional platform with dynamic shopping experiences that every business is looking for. Therefore, a lot of businesspeople invest in Magento to gain a highly competitive edge in the market. However, outstanding features come with complexity. Many retailers find the platform complicated to develop and maintain. Moreover, many people make mistakes when setting up Magento stores, that’s why this article will be really helpful for you to prevent you from making mistakes and save your time and money. Let’s take a look!

1. Choosing the Wrong Magento Theme

We all know that your Magento store is your storefront online, which is really important because once you launch that store, your customers will automatically save the look and the feel of your store in their minds to be their brand recognition. They will remember your brand through the image they have from your online store. Therefore, your online store must look unique, fantastic, and match your branding, which depends a lot on the Magento theme you are going to choose. 

Many retailers choose the wrong Magento theme and ruin their business growth because it is not in line with their branding and brings an unexpected experience to customers. 

Here are some questions that you need to answer by yourself to select the suitable Magento theme for your online store:

  • Does it look attractive to your customers?
  • Does the interface satisfy users’ behavior?
  • Does it load quickly to save customers’ time?
  • Is it SEO-optimizable?
  • Does it allow you to connect with various social media channels?

Being an open-source platform, Magento has thousands of themes available for you to select, just make sure that you do a little research before purchasing one for your store.  

2. Not Consider Leveraging the Space to Add Product Information

One of the biggest problems that stop customers from buying products online is the lack of information about the products. When customers go to a physical store, they can touch, check, or even try the products before deciding to buy. However, they can do none of that when they go to an online store

Therefore, you need to provide the best customer experience, besides the attractive theme and image of the products, you need to bring the knowledge and information of the products to the customers. Magento platform allows you to add much information and specification about the products on the product page, which will help you increase your sales by many folds.

However, many retailers don’t leverage the space and end up with just a few traction and conversions. That’s why you need to make sure you add enough product information on product pages, including: 

  • A clear and easy-to-understand description of the item
  • Benefits and features of the products
  • Warranties (if applicable)

3. Not Enabling the Guest Checkout Option

Morden customers are busy and hurry when shopping. If a store requires them to sign up before buying the products, it can end up their purchase decision right there. Because requiring registration before making a purchase is considered a mood killer. Besides, allowing customers to finish their purchase without the additional step of registration is better than losing one purchase.

4. Improper Product Categorization

The worst thing that stops customers from making a purchase is when they are tired of finding the product they are looking for in your online store. This is the reason why you need to pay high attention to your store’s categorization and navigation.  If you want your brand to be a leading eCommerce brand, you should not let this mistake happen because it can make your customers never want to come back to your store again. 

As a result, you should remember to add as many categories or subcategories as possible to save your customers’ time and effort and make finding a product in your store become hassle-free for your customers. 

5. Not Optimizing Speed

Last but not least, website speed is one of the most important factors that every business person should consider before launching an online store. Magento websites are designed with features and customizations that sometimes lack speed and many businesses don’t notice this mistake and don’t optimize them. This is considered the biggest mistake retailers can make as Magento store owners.

According to a study from Google, even a single second of delay in your store loading time can reduce your conversion rate by up to 70%. Therefore, pay attention to this mistake and pay heeds to the Magento Hosting Provider so you can improve speed and then overall website performance results.

Wrapping Up

Building an online store on Magento is not really hard because of its user-friendly features and easily customizable and appealing themes. 

You must remember those common mistakes such as choosing the wrong Magento theme, not leveraging the space to add product information, and not paying heed to website speed and other features, it will prevent you from making the same mistake as many did and you deliver perfection and provide the best ROI. Not only is it good for your customers’ experience, but it also makes it easier for you to manage and maintain products and inventory. Click here to learn more about store management and inventory management.