LinkedIn article image size

LinkedIn is one of the most familiar social networking apps nowadays, which is used mainly by the young generation seeking to build their career. It is one of the best sites that help people build up connections with various companies and other successful people who can guide you on the correct career path. Not just the people, but this site also helps various businesses in personal branding and building their credibility. Many professionals use LinkedIn to establish their businesses and provide them with a path of growth through different networks.  

LinkedIn is a base for the people that helps them build various useful connections, establish the business and increase the number of clients, but it can only be effective if utilized to its full potential. The LinkedIn network is designed with many tools that people can use to build their compelling image.

One of the most potent tools of LinkedIn is article images. Posting articles on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to express one’s opinions, building an online presence, and showcase expertise. To post articles, it is essential to have suitable good quality images with appropriate sizes to attract the attention of the readers. The readers will find your article attractive only if your article image is appropriately compatible with your article. So, using the correct image size is essential, failing to which may lead to hinder your article from being seen by the right people.

Image Size and Other Requirements

Here are some of the points that you must take into consideration if you want to design a perfect LinkedIn image that is compatible with your article:

  1. If you want to design a cover image for your article, the size of the image should be 744 X 400 pixels. The cover image is the first thing a reader would look at when he or she opens up the article. So, the image should be very attractive that will force the readers to open the article and read it thoroughly. The cover image acts as a representative of the whole article, so it should be designed very effectively. 

2. While choosing the image file format, it is highly recommended to go with JPG and PNG formats that appear to be best. You may also go with GIF format sometimes if you wish to. 

3. You must take care of the file size also. The maximum size of the file should be 10 MB and not more than that. 

LinkedIn Article Image Sizes play an essential role in catching the attention of the readers. The cover images appear to be the most useful image that readers look at even before looking at the content of the article. As they say, the first impression is the last impression; in the same way, the cover image says all about the article.

The readers decide only by looking at the cover image if they want to move further with the article or not. So giving the correct size to the image is really important. If the image is not sized appropriately, it will not make a great impression on the readers, and hence they may decide not to move further with the article reading. They may lose interest in reading the article if they don’t find the image attractive. 

As LinkedIn provides various effective tools and features. There is one feature that you may change your cover image even after publishing the article. This feature will help you to look at the actual published image with the article to figure out if it looks attractive or not. This will give you a more clear picture to have a look at your article and its image as a reader. 

Best Practices

Here are some guidelines that you must follow while optimizing your LinkedIn article images:

1. Use Stock Photos – One of the best ways to get high-quality pictures is that you may use stock photos. As they are already optimized and appear to be interesting to the readers, it will make your work easier. 

2. Use contrasting colors – You must use color contrasts to make your image more attractive and interesting. 

3. Use bright and attention-grabbing colors – The image colors should match the article. So the colors must be chosen wisely.


If you are amongst the ones who want to build up their attractive presence on LinkedIn, then this article will surely provide you with the best advice related to the article images and its best practices to be followed.

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