great Ideas to monetize Your blog

For some, a blog can start as a hobby. Others immediately look to the future and plan to make blogging their work and a sole source of income. It takes time to reach a point where your audience is loyal and happy with your content enough so that you can monetize the blog.

However, once that moment arrives, or you feel like it is a good time to finally start making money from the blog, there is an important decision to make – how you are going to monetize the blog.

There are multiple methods to make money from a blog, and using two or more at the same time is not unheard of. You get to decide how to make money blogging, and here are some ideas to help you with that.

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Idea #1 – Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise online has never been easier, thanks to all the available digital printing services. You can create a hassle-free POD fulfillment. You only need to create products, publish them to your blog, and spend resources on promotion. A print on demand platform (if you decide to work with one) will take care of the rest once you sell a piece of merchandise.

If your audience likes your content and you, they should be eager to support you and get a neat product in return. T-shirts, hoodies, bags, key chains, calendars, and phone cases are some of the most popular examples of print on demand merchandise. 

In case you do not have design skills, hire a freelancer, and create a joint-venture where you share profits from each product sold. Having an extra pair of helping hands would leave you with more time for product promotion and other important aspects related to your blog instead of learning how to create designs for print on demand merchandise.

Idea #2 – Create a Crowdfunding Page

Create a Crowdfunding Page

A crowdfunding page is quite popular among YouTubers because YouTube has made some changes to their algorithm. Nowadays, it is difficult to make money as a YouTuber if you rely on ads. Thus, the rise of Patreon.

Bloggers can also create a Patreon page and eliminate ads that are an outdated method for two reasons: the first is that many people use ad blockers, and the second is because ads slow down the website’s loading speed and are an obstacle to people trying to access website’s content. 

Idea #3 – Add Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is another popular blog monetization method. You do not have to turn the blog into an affiliate site, but why not include some links here and there? So long as they are not too distracting, you can make money promoting products from Amazon, ClickBank, or other affiliate programs. 

Idea #4 – Run Email Marketing CampaignsRun Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing is not a method that makes you money on its own. You need to promote products or services by sending offers. 

The first step is to build a solid email list. It might be difficult to attract people to subscribe to an email list, but you have some ways to persuade your audience. For example, why not organize a contest or giveaway to everyone who has subscribed to your email list? Sending interesting newsletters every month or so would also incentivize more people to subscribe. Also, use a plugin that automates the process of collecting emails.

If you are successful in building a solid email list, you can look to start sending various offers. Though do not go overboard because spam will lead to people unsubscribing.

Idea #5 – Offer Guest-Posting Opportunities

Many bloggers are looking to improve their SEO results and would happily jump at any opportunity to publish an article with a backlink on another website. 

If you have an established blog, do not hesitate and promote it as a platform where other bloggers can send you their articles and get a backlink in return. Not only will you get money for each blog post, but you will also have new content for the website. 

Do be careful with some of the articles that people submit. Check every article with relevant tools to make sure that it is original and not stolen. The quality is not always up to par, so there will be rejections as well unless you are willing to hire an editor or edit mediocre articles yourself.

Idea #6 – Create Digital Products

Create Digital Products

A blog is a platform where you can advertise digital products, such as online courses or e-books. And a product does not have to be something that you created yourself. Promoting other people’s work is fine so long as these products are of high quality and in-demand among the members of your audience. On the other hand, your fans might be keener to purchase something that was written or created by you rather than another person.

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