Do-Follow Backlinks

Getting backlinks is one of the most effective ways to get people to visit your website. However, it is not always easy to get your hands on good backlinks. Certain skills and tricks go into doing so. You will have to put in hard work, dedication, and time to earn some great backlinks. Relevancy plays a key factor as well. For example, you might add a backlink to a marketing staffing agency on a blog that is discussing the treatment of a disease. 

So, to help you out, here is a detailed guide on the types of backlinks and how to get them.

Types of Backlinks

If you categorize them in abroad category, then there are two types of backlinks:

  • Do-Follow
  • No-Follow

More about each of them in detail below.

Do-Follow Backlinks

These specific backlinks allow Google or any of the search engines in that regard to following them. In return, they reach out to your website. 

No-Follow Backlinks

A no-follow backlink won’t do anything to boost your page rank or to improve your website’s position. They do not get any love from anyone. Thus, not many bloggers, website owners, and SEO specialists do not like these backlinks.

Purpose of Backlinks

Backlinks hold a huge significance in the world of SEO. The biggest reason for including backlinks in your blogs or websites is the great impact that they have on Search Engine Optimization. Not only this, but they have a positive impact on your rank on the SERP as well. However, one common mistake ha many make is thinking that the number of backlinks will help define their page’s success.

However, it is the other way round when it comes to backlinks. Quality matters more than quantity. For example, succeeding in earning 1 backlink from the New York Times will out power 50 other backlinks hat you earn from unknown websites. 

Now, the question is how does one get hold of high-quality backlinks. You will find your answer below. 

How to Generate High-Quality Backlinks?

It isn’t easy to generate backlinks from prominent websites. However, if you focus on the following, you can work towards achieving your goal.

High-Quality Content

I cannot stress enough about the power of high-quality content and the wonders that it can do for your business. You might have to hire someone that possesses good skills because not everyone can write good quality content. However, this also brings another point to the light. Not everyone’s definition of high-quality content is the same. Therefore, here is a list for you to check whether you are or have been producing it or not. 

Here is what Google algorithm approves in a blog/article:

  • Lengthy content (over 1,000 words)
  • Variety in keywords
  • Readability
  • Extraordinary meta-description
  • Call-to-actions
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Internal linking
  • Fresh content
  • Avoiding broken linksMobile-friendliness


Inconsistency will get you nowhere. If you want to make it big in your field, then you will have to be consistent. Whether it is regarding posting content or otherwise. More you post, the more chances of you staying at the top of your followers’ minds. Make it a habit to post weekly or bi-weekly. The idea is to engage the followers with your content. And of course, a drill to make them remember you. 

Research regarding any breakthroughs in your field or any recent trending news. After that, try writing a piece on it as soon as the news goes viral. Because no one would read a stale piece of news either. So, this means that you have to be strong in your research game as well. Keeping yourself posted is the key to consistency. As people love fresh content.

Shareable Content

Create shareable content. Now, again, the definition will differ. So, to make it easy for you, here are some elements that help ensure that your content is shareable. To begin with, your content should arouse some emotions in the reader. It can be any emotion. From happy to sad. But it should make the reader feel a certain way. Apart from that, the content should come across as inspirational. 

Some of the contents that get shared the post include:

  • Lists
  • ‘How to’ posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Keyword Optimization

Keywords play an essential role in SEO and backlinking. The way you optimize your keywords in your content speaks volumes about your backlink game. It is also one reason why you would get high organic traffic on your website or blog. Therefore, research about the keywords and try to add the right ones in the right blog. 

If you succeed in doing so, you will automatically see an increase in your website traffic, contacts, sales, and leads. However, your work just doesn’t stop at finding the popular keywords. The key is to constantly add them to your other blogs as well. Some people believe that keywords should only be added to the body of the content alone. However, what many fail to understand is that you can add your keywords in URLs, subtitles, headings, and titles as well. 

Here are some of the benefits that keyword optimization can bring for your business:

  • Driving qualified traffic to your website
  • Ranking higher on SERP
  • Increasing the size of your email list
  • Increased ROI

Different Ways to Get Backlinks

The above-mentioned strategies would work well if you are planning to get backlinks through your content alone. However, there are various other ways to earn them as well. Some of the famous ones include:

  • Generating backlinks through commenting on the blogs
  • Bringing the article directories to good use or making use of Web 2.0
  • Using some of the most famous forums to get some backlinks 
  • Making a list of all the high PR blogs and using them to get good backlinks

Every person has his way of going about it. However, I feel that if you create exceptional content, then you do not have to rely on other sources like forums to purchase these links. For example, if you are running a mortgage recruiting firm, then you should come up with informative pieces that catch the attention of the people. This will not only make your content more shareable, but people would want to read more on your blogs. They will wait for the next time that you release a blog. 

I hope that you find these tips and tricks helpful. If there is any other tried and tested method that worked for you, share it in the comment section below. Others will benefit from your experiences.