Web analytics

Web analytics basically refers to the market of specialized analytics applications which can be used in understanding and improving online channel user experience, optimizing visitor’s interaction, to optimize digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Web analytics tools are used in converting and increasing the conversation rates of a website. If a business wants to increase its conversion rates of website and increase its revenue, then there are lots of things to look for. First understanding the visitors of your website will enable you to craft the relevant message, understanding the interaction of your visitors with your website will enable you to improve the UI and UX of the site.

The usage of a website analytics tool through proper SEO services helps and allows you to assess and analyze the performance of your website. Data is provided by the tools which help in optimizing your website and enable you to get more and more visitors.

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Web analytics is important as it enables business owners in the following ways-

  • It helps to find out how visitors have found you.
  • It helps to learn about the visitors to your website.
  • Helps in understanding the interaction of visitors with your website.
  • Understand and identify the best-performing content on the website.
  • Tracks conversion rates of the website.


There are several web analytics tools available but the best one is Google Analytics because it hundred per cent free to use., comes with great, amazing functionality, allows the user to track all the data user requires, integrates well with other tools and platforms like Google AdWords.


  • To set concrete goals and objectives as the tools track the data which is specific to the goal of your website of generating leads and getting more and more visitors.
  • To create custom dashboards for monitoring the key metrics.


SEO audit is essential as it looks at the website and enables it to identify its weaknesses. It checks the all-over website which includes its fonts, graphics, colours, content, etc. There are many reasons why SEO is required which are provided below-

1. It enables the identification of the website’s technical issues which include technical SEO issues. Technical SEO helps to increase the rank of the website, speed of the website, architecture of the website, URL structure of the website, etc.

2. Identifies the website’s on-page issues which include meta description, titles that should be of particular characters and should include the keyword in it. Content is checked, headers are checked, internal linking is checked.

3. Helps in identifying your competition by identifying their strategy and enables us to keep you ahead of your competitors.

4. Identifies the backlinks of your website which is considered to be a major part of the google algorithm of 2017. A good SEO audit answers the questions of the number of backlinks on your website, the number of spam backlinks on the website, etc.

5. Helps in building content strategy by improving your content, optimizing meta descriptions and titles, figures out where the gains can be made through backlinks on your website.

So, Web analytics is important in 2021 and in the coming years as it offers a standard for SEO services which are necessary for a business or a company to get detailed information about their demographics, user behaviour, source of traffic on their websites. By the usage of web analytics, organizations can have direct insights into how their website is acting, growing and what are their visitors or customer’s opinion about their products and services.

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