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Generating leads is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Leads form a potential pool of paying and loyal customers, which is why it’s worth all your effort to learn how you can connect with them. 

One way to become successful in lead generation is to perform extensive searches about your target market. Skip tracing can help you with finding leads for your business. While you may associate skip tracing with locating people off the grid due to debts or some other reason, it actually works for lead generation as well. 

Skip Tracing for Lead Generation

If this sounds new to you, don’t worry. You can read about the entire skip-tracing process and how it can improve the way you locate interested prospects. You’ll learn the value of skip tracing and how it can enhance your marketing strategy and also help spur your business success.

Here are some things you need to know about skip tracing and how it can boost your lead-generation efforts:

1. Skip Tracing Yields Customer Information 

Customer Information

Skip tracing helps you learn everything about your potential customers, even those that seem elusive to sales calls or promotional emails. It tells you where and what your target market looks like—how old they are, their gender, work, and cultural background. 

You can even tell if they’re single, married, with kids or with pets. Aside from these, you can also learn about how they’re employed or if they went to college, or if they have a Ph.D. 

With skip tracing, you learn can generate leads based on the demographics of your target audience. You can use this products to identify individual contact information as appropriate venues for your future marketing efforts.   

They also allow you to group prospects based on certain traits so you can create a customized customer journey that will eventually lead to a sale. 

2. Use Specialized Skip Tracing Software 

You don’t need to be super sleuths to locate your prospects. All you need is a specialized skip-tracing tool to obtain accurate data, even if you only have basic info on hand. 

You can use professional skip tracing software to obtain additional data besides a person’s full name or a company’s business address. With advanced search options, you can generate current contact details such as associated phone numbers, and even see if they’re using aliases instead of their real name. Some may even include previous phone numbers and mailing addresses.  

3. Track Their Activity Online

Another way you can do skip tracing is by following digital footprints. Social media accounts can yield additional insight regarding your lead, such as where they work or the products they buy and enjoy. Photos and check-ins may even provide real-time locations. All this information can help you determine if they’re a good fit for your target market.  

Blogs are also worth checking, as they can also tell you how you can establish contact. The ‘About Me’ section on their website is particularly helpful, as it often includes information, such as phone numbers or a mailing addresses. Others also include links to social media accounts, which you can use to connect with your prospects. 

4. Verify Their Email Accounts 

Aside from traditional contact methods, you can also perform skip tracing using email addresses. If you happen to check the owner’s blog and you get an email, then good for you. In case the section doesn’t list the owner’s email, you can also check if the blog has an on-site contact form. 

If your prospect doesn’t have a blog, but their social media posts include details about their employment, you can use this to find their email address. Try putting in their name, and combining it with their company’s name followed by an email client. This may take some creativity on your part, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Aside from these, you can also use email checkers for skip tracing. These tools can simplify your search as all you need to do is to put their name, and it will automatically come up with possible variations. 

Email search apps can also verify if email addresses are still in use. This ensures your future emails will be sent to active users and prevent emails from bouncing back to your inbox. They can streamline your search efforts and ensure that your future email marketing efforts will produce good results.


Skip tracing enhances your lead generation strategy by providing you with baseline information about your target market. Free skip-tracing methods such as social media posts and blogs help you zero in on email addresses and phone numbers. Using skip-tracing software can provide additional information which can be helpful in crafting future engagement strategies.

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